Carmine Gallo and 49ers Hall of Famer Steve Young Go Inside the Mind of a Champion

Carmine Gallo talks leadership with 49ers hall of fame quarterback, Steve Young

Steve Young vividly remembers the last time the San Francisco 49ers won a Super Bowl twenty-five years ago. He was in it, throwing a record six touchdown passes to lead the team to victory in Super Bowl XXIX.

Young missed the after-party because he was so dehydrated, doctors hooked him up to an IV. Young left everything he had on the field. “I relished the moment,” Young told me. “I was right where I wanted to be.”

Young was a fierce competitor and an inspiring leader, on and off the field.

Young and the 49er faithful are excited about another opportunity to bring home a Lombardi trophy when the team meets the Kansas City Chiefs in Miami for Super Bowl 2020.

Carmine Gallo and hall of fame quarterback, Steve Young, are students of leadership.

I caught up with Young to talk about leadership on and off the field. In the video below for CGTV (Carmine Gallo TV) we talk about how Young found the mental strength to go from eighth-string quarterback in his freshman year to an All-American in his senior year.

Young tells me the incredible true story of the season he waited to cash $4 million worth of paychecks because he didn’t feel as though he had earned it. Young also talks about overcoming anxiety and the day he became transformed into a true leader.

When things don’t go well and everyone starts pointing fingers, a leader takes responsibility. Steve Young

Watch the video to get a glimpse into the mind of a champion.

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